David Gray releases “Foundling”

David Gray continues to make me love him by being awesome.

The sexy Brit, most famous for his hit “This Year’s Love” recently released his new album “Foundling” with a double disc Deluxe Edition.

Disc: 1
1. Only The Wine

2. Foundling

3. Forgetting

4. Gossamer Thread

5. The Old Chair

6. In God’s Name

7. We Could Fall In Love Again Tonight

8. Holding On

9. When I Was In Your Heart

10. A New Day at Midnight

Disc: 2
1. Fixative

2. Morning theme

3. The Dotted Line

4. A Million Years

5. Who’s Singing Now

6. Old Father Time

7. Indeed I Will

8. A Moment Changes Everything

Purchase the album on Itunes or Amazon

It doesn’t quite live up to his previous records, but it’s still better than most music out there. Check out his fantastic performance of Johnny Cash’s Long Black Veil

David previously earned my love when he had this to say about complaining celebs:

“When I hear people b***hing about how difficult the life of a pop star is I want to give them a slap. But I can acknowledge it’s intense, the alterations to your lifestyle, the way that people deal with you, the way you see yourself, it’s all profound. But most of it is in your head.”

Speak on, Brother Gray. David also added:

“Whereas music is doing the opposite, filling a hole you didn’t know you had.”

No comment. But lots of dirty thoughts.


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