Reeve Carney, some CW actor, to play Jeff Buckley

Two films are currently in production about the life and music of the incomparable Jeff Buckley.

The first is an authorized biography of Buckley’s life, and stars Reeve Carney, probably best known for his work on the awful Broadway production of Spiderman, a play so bad it nearly killed almost everyone involved with it (okay that might have had more to do with the unnecessary stunts, but the music couldn’t have helped), but should be known for his killer voice and better-than-decent band, Carney. Plus he’s adorable.

Carney shared his thoughts on playing the timeless musician with “He went to some pretty rough places, which is part of what made him such a dynamic performer,” Carney said. “You could never anticipate his next move. That’s one of the things I admire most about Jeff Buckley, but that’s also going to be one of the hardest parts of him to portray on screen.

Meanwhile, Penn Bagdley, best known for starring in the nighttime soap opera Gossip Girl was cast in an unauthorized film that is sort of loosely based on Jeff Buckley but is basically completely made up. It’s probably not even worth talking about. I know nothing about this guy, and even though he’s got the Buckley cheekbones and great hair, he looks like a tool.


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