James Morrison releases “The Awakening”

Soulful, sexy British singer James Morrison is the real deal. With a voice that’s a unique blend of smooth and rough, and music that transcends genre and time, his latest cd “The Awakening” falls short of his breakout debut, 2006’s “Undiscovered”, with some songs falling flat (most notably “Up”, a duet with the over-hyped Jessie J). But gems like “In My Dreams” and “I Won’t Let You Go” more than make up for the stumbles. Blessed with a voice that can exude pain in one song (on “Person I Should Have Been” he wonders “What am I now? A lonely man that’s fallen down”), and sweetly comfort in another (“Beautiful Life” is a lilting lullaby), Morrison remains one of the true musicians of our day. Here’s hoping the US catches on.

1. In My Dreams

2. 6 Weeks

3. I Won’t Let You Go

4. Up Listen

5. Slave to the Music

6. Person I Should Have Been

7. Say Something Now

8. Beautiful Life

9. Forever

10. The Awakening

11. Right by Your Side

12. One Life

13. All Around the World

You can purchase “The Awakening” on Itunes or Amazon now.


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