Patrick Stump releases “Soul Punk”

Pete Wentz has been making headlines in the past few months thanks to his divorce, the brief time he had pubic bush hair, and the subsequent renewal of his hotness when he shaved that mess off.

Meanwhile, his ex-bandmate, Patrick Stump, has been busy making music. His album, “Soul Punk” dropped this week.

A little hard to take him too seriously with that cover art, but the album is a great mix of rock and electronica. The best songs on the album are the ones that show Stump has a real point of view. “The ‘I’ in Lie” tackles cheating as a metaphor for the music industry, and Stump expands on that theme in”Greed” (“You know, very rarely is good art born in the board room”). It’s an album that can be enjoyed solely for the interesting musical integrations Stump has become known for, but if you look a little deeper, the lyrics are often deeply personal. “Mad at Nothing” is a favorite.

Track listing:
1. Explode

2. This City

3. Dance Miserable

4. Spotlight

5. The “I” In Lie

6. Run Dry (X Heart X Fingers)

7. Greed

8. Everybody Wants Somebody

9. Allie

10. Coast (It’s Gonna Get Better)

11. This City (Album Version)

12. Bad Side Of 25

13. People Never Done A Good Thing

14. When I Made You Cry

15. Mad At Nothing

Get it here at Itunes or Amazon


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