Javier Colon releases “Come Through For You,” sings sweet songs for evil corporate giant

Did you watch the Voice? I caught a few episodes every now and then. Liked it better than the current version of Idol, mainly thanks to the Judges, who were charismatic and genuinely seemed to care about the contestants they were coaching.

Javier Colon was easily my favorite (as was his mentor, the always sexy Adam Levine). He’s a got a smooth, sweet voice, and seems like a truly nice guy. Doesn’t hurt that he’s easy on the eyes too.

His album, “Come Through For You” dropped today.

Track Listing
1. Life Is Getting Better
2. Runnin
3. Raise Your Hand
4. As Long As We Got Love
5. Happy Sinner
6. Come Through For You
7. 1,000 Lights
8. Ok, Here’s The Truth
9. How Many People Can Say That
10. Stand Up
11. Echo

It’s your typical standard pop-rock fare, elevated by Colon’s soulful voice and the sense of authenticity he brings to the music. Eagerness can be a turnoff, but Colon manages to toe the line on songs like “Stand Up”, ending up on just this side of genuine. Early favorites are “Runnin” (about a distant, fickle lover) and “As Long as We Got Love” (a fun number featuring Natasha Bedingfield). In a cool display of cross-reality-tv-contestant-solidarity, “Raise Your Hand,” penned by American Idol winner Kris Allen, is pleasantly inspiring (I suspect Allen’s version would have been a bit darker and filled with the angst he infuses into his live performances) and the harmonies are perfect for Colon’s soothing and earnest voice. All in all, a decent effort from what seems like a really decent guy. Looking forward to more in the future.

Buy it here on Itunes or Amazon

Javier recently sang 6 songs from “Come Through For You” for a Walmart soundcheck. One thing I love about these reality show singers, you can always count on a solid live performance. Check it out at at the Walmart site (embedding is disabled, of course)


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