The Killers release a Christmas single; Brandon Flowers releases his sex appeal all over GQ

It’s been a while since we’ve had new music from The Killers, and their brand of punk rock with soul been sorely missed amidst the music industry’s current deluge of pop princess puppets. They’re still working on their upcoming record (feels like forever doesn’t it?) but in the meanwhile they’ve released a fun Christmas single to whet your appetite:

In other Killers news, here is Brandon Flowers, looking delicious in GQ while discussing being a dad and a Mormon, to confuse and arouse you:

Of the band’s evolution, Brandon says:

“Some people talk about how we’ve changed a lot, and that’s definitely not something we set out to do. But we’re always searching. I’ve struggled with an identity sometimes; I don’t know what exactly I am. I love so many types of music and I don’t want to commit to going down one road. The band is still trying to figure that out and maybe that’s what has kept things fresh for people.”

Read the rest of the interview here.


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