Ashton Kutcher’s new girlfriend is Adam Brody’s ex

Lorene Scafaria, whose name I never knew but previously referred to simply as “Adam Brody’s Amish girlfriend,” will now become synonymous with bad decisions. Like dumping the adorable Adam Brody for the greasy, cheating Ashton Kutcher.

US Weekly reports the screenwriter spent Christmas in Italy with the newly single Kutcher, although their relationship predates his separation:

Ashton Kutcher is flaunting a new woman — and sources say he hooked up with her prior to splitting from wife Demi Moore last month.

I don’t care much for Ashton, whose good looks are ruined by his immature and toolish personality. But everyone in Hollywood knows he and Demi were as good as done almost a year ago, and were just keeping up appearances. Demi wanted to go out on her own terms, and since Ashton was doing what he wanted with as many women as he wanted anyway, he didn’t seem to mind. Reminds me of a couple of other marriages mentioned on these pages before. You can be sure we’ll hear about those again in 2012.

Still you have to wonder what Lorene is thinking, leaving Seth Cohen for Kelso. Downgrade.


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