Ladies love Royal Wood, and so do I

One of the many joys of the internet is how easy it makes it to discover new artists. Today’s major music labels are struggling and stagnant, and the instability of record sales has left them afraid to take a chance on anything other than pre-packaged pop. For those of us who like a little more soul and heart in our music, the internet has allowed artists without major label backing to get their songs out there, and for us to find and interact with them. One such recent discovery for me is Canadian singer, songwriter and producer Royal Wood (yes that’s his real name, and yes it rocks).

Wood has earned comparisons to iconic legends like Tom Waits and Jeff Buckley, and in 2010 was named Itunes Songwriter of the Year. Everything about this guy is authentic, and his voice and lyrics are at once soothing and exciting. And yeah, it doesn’t hurt that he’s easy on the eyes too.

Wood released an EP of cover songs in November of 2011 (which I must admit I don’t care for as much as his original stuff) and is just starting promo for his upcoming sixth studio effort. He had this to say about his recent recording sessions:

A new year has begun, and I am buzzing with anticipation. So much is going on, and about to begin in the coming months. For instance, wrapping up recording for the new record. Most recently I recorded the 12 piece string and horn sections that I arranged.

12 piece string and horn section? This album is going straight on my Most Anticipated of 2012 List.

Wood was recently interviewed by Cosmo TV, which, a Canadian site for women. He was named their Fun Fearless Male of the Year, which I’m guessing means they dig him. The video is unfortunately blocked in the states, so instead, check out all of his music on CBC Radio, including one of my favorites, Safe-Haven.

You can purchase his music here on Itunes and be sure to keep an eye out for tour dates and other news on his personal blog.


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