Kris Allen unleashes electropop dance anthem

My affection for cute singer songwriters is well documented, but I love it when they blow my mind by doing something completely unexpected. And what could be more unexpected than the adorable American Idol (one of the better live performers out there today, but one known for his guitar driven renditions) putting out an electro pop anthem that sounds ready made for the dance floors of Avalon?

Finnish DJ’s Maisen & Dragen accidentally tweeted a link to their remix of the song, “Vision of Love.”

It’s been a while since Kris has released new studio music, but he’s kept our appetites whet with live versions of unreleased songs. If this remix is any indication, his upcoming record is finally getting moving, and RCA isn’t skimping on the production. I’ve got nothing but respect for the depth and emotion a great singer infuses into an acoustic set, but every once in a while you just want a killer song to dance to. Pretty rare to find both in the same artist.

Love it, and looking forward to more Kris Allen music in 2012. I’m sure he’ll find other ways to surprise us this year too.


4 thoughts on “Kris Allen unleashes electropop dance anthem

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