An Evening with Royal Wood and Wine

I love LA and all it has to offer, but this just-announced show with Royal Wood at an Ontario winery makes me wish I was Canadian for just a day. March 9, to be specific.

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The singer recently shared on his blog:

As you know, I love many things in life, but art and wine seem to be the cream on top. I hope you can make this intimate performance at the Fielding Winery on March 9th! I will certainly be sampling their stock

“An Intimate Evening with Royal Wood” sounds like a dream come true. The soulful crooner will no doubt be showcasing songs from his upcoming album, and the venue is picturesque and perfectly suited for Wood’s unique mix of bluesy rock and dreamscape pop. All that and you get a discount on liquor. If you’re anywhere near the Fielding Winery in Ontario, be sure to check this one out. Hoping Wood does a US tour next with a stop somewhere near California.


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