Say Anything revel in the Anarchy

Say Anything, the LA-based indie punk band, released their third studio album today, titled Anarchy, My Dear. After the the brilliant Real Boy the band went through a series of upheavals, including being dropped from RCA after the somewhat disappointing In Defense of the Genre and the loss of bassist Alex Kent. But Say Anything remains one of the best live bands around, and they’re back to doing what they do best on Anarchy. Max Bemis, a gifted writer who puts on his own songwriting workshops, does not disappoint. Favorites so far are “So Good” (which lives up to its name with lines like “We can tear and break the maps apart, shatter all their lines, when the universe that is not comes, to kill our love and trust, I only want a soul to know it feels so good with us”) and “Admit it Again” (an angry but hilarious rant).

Track listing:

1. Burn a Miracle
2. Say Anything
3. Night’s Song
4. Admit It Again
5. So Good
6. Sheep
7. Peace Out
8. Overbiter
9. Of Steel
10. Anarchy, My Dear
11. The Stephen Hawking

Get it here on Itunes (The Deluxe Version includes a bonus track and two extras) or amazon (at $5.99 it’s a steal)


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