Kris Allen wears tight v-necks, reveals “The Vision of Love”

Kris Allen just released a music video for “The Vision of Love,” the first single off his upcoming album “Thank you Camellia.” Guys, this video is a beautiful, beautiful thing (and I’m not just talking about how he looks in that super tight t-shirt, although, yeah).

Bringing to life the song’s inspirational lyrics, the video focuses on a young girl who feels outcast among the pretty, popular girls, and a teenage boy who is physically bullied by a group of young men. By the end of the video, the young girl accepts herself just as she is. The young man (who bears a striking resemblance to Olympic figure skater Evan Lysacek) shares a knowing and loaded stare with the boy who stops his attackers. It’s a subtle, powerful moment that elevates the song.

And did I mention Kris in that tight t-shirt? I don’t know how many hours a day he must work out to get the body he has now, but I sure appreciate it.

Speaking of thankfulness, Kris revealed the inspiration behind his rather unique album title on twitter this week. “Thank You Camellia” is an ode to Kris’ home in LA, the guys he shares it with, and the fond memories he’s made over the past year. I can’t wait to hear all about Kris’ dirty little secrets when “Thank You Camellia” drops on May 22.

“The Vision of Love” is available here on iTunes and here on Amazon.


2 thoughts on “Kris Allen wears tight v-necks, reveals “The Vision of Love”

  1. Thank you. Totally agree with everything you said. Looking forward to the CD. “The Vision of Love” is a great song and I love the message sent by the video.

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