Kris Allen debuts revealing new duet “Loves Me Not”

Kris Allen joined some of radio’s best singer-songwriters at the “Live in the Vineyard” event this past weekend in Napa, California, where debuted a new duet with indie singer-songwriter Meiko about love gone wrong.

With its upbeat tempo and a chorus that will get stuck in your head, the melody could easily fall into the category of standard pop-country love songs. But the lyrics describe the woman in Allen’s life as one who runs hot and cold, screens his calls, and only pays attention to him when she’s lonely. In the tradition of Sara Bareielle’s “Love Song” Allen masks his harsh and mocking tone with a honeyed melody, casually describing a lover who is so stunted she only feels romance when she’s watching “girly movies like the Notebook.” The lack of intensity between the couple comes full circle as Meiko (playing the role of Allen’s partner) accuses him of only loving her “when it’s convenient.” By the end of the song it becomes clear that the uptempo melody is a metaphor for the couple’s relationship: it’s built on what people think love should look like, rather than what they actually feel. What better way to represent that than with a song that’s equally deceptive on the surface? It’s an interesting take from the American Idol champ, and a brave one for the married singer who has admitted all of his songs are autobiographical. Suppose this is why he and his wife no longer live together?

Overall, the song is catchy and Meiko sounds great on it. I’m looking forward to hearing the studio version on Kris’ upcoming album, Thank You Camellia, due out May 22nd. Until then, check out this live video to see the tune for yourself:


4 thoughts on “Kris Allen debuts revealing new duet “Loves Me Not”

  1. I just watched the video (didn’t win tickets, boo!) and your analysis of his lyrics is en pointe! Interesting autobiographical lyric indeed!

  2. I was pretty confused by this song, cause it’s pretty and I liked it but the lyrics are just messed up. What you said makes a lot of sense now.

  3. I like it. It’s catchy. And I love @meiko so it’s a win for me. I’m really enjoying all the new stuff from Kris. Can’t wait for the album!

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