Lee DeWyze debuts (half) of new song “Breathing In”

Earlier this week American Idol winner Lee DeWyze uploaded an acoustic preview to YouTube of a new track he’s working on, preliminarily titled “Breathing In.” The song features some beautiful guitar work in the intro which sets the mood for the sleepy and sweet love song. The lyrics feel like a quiet peek into Lee’s home life as he sings:

“Half the time my feet and my hands are dragging me to bed
And I’m caught staring at the white-washed sky on a summer’s night again
And the table’s mess from all our friends and all the wine we had
And I almost forgot that the world fell apart today
But I guess it was so bad
And the only thing that’s bringing me in
Is the taste of your lips and the smell of your skin
You’re the only thing that’s worth breathing in”

Is that sweet or what? In raw, acoustic form, the song has an understated folk-tinged melody that easily surpasses anything on Lee’s immediate post-Idol debut “Live It Up” that makes me excited for Lee’s next album.


3 thoughts on “Lee DeWyze debuts (half) of new song “Breathing In”

  1. I agree! Makes me very excited for Lee’s next album too! Hope he gets to make the album his way with the songs he wants, arranged the way he wants!

  2. I believe that if you give Lee DeWyze a guitar & let him do his thing, the outcome will be amazing. This clip confirms my belief. Can. Not. Wait 🙂

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