Royal Wood’s “We Were Born to Glory” set to release July 10

The much anticipated fourth full-length album from Canadian singer-songwriter Royal Wood finally has a release date of July 10.

Wood is one of those musicians who you can tell genuinely loves the process of making music. He recently blogged about the making of “Glory” recently:

I have named the album WE WERE BORN TO GLORY. A title inspired by the idea that all life is born with the potential for glory. I have therefore distilled my journey into individual songs that are emotional snapshots of life through my lens as a human being. Of which I am viewing not only my own life (past, present and future) but the world at large. It is a celebration of experience. Musically I set out to make a timeless pop record like the albums I loved when I was growing up – all the while keeping my voice as an artist and staying true to modern times. I wanted to take myself on an emotional journey through song, like I experienced when I was first discovering music. My lyrical sensibility had to remain intact and honesty of message as well. The reason I loved those old records so much is that everything had a melody. Not just the vocals, but the bass lines, the guitar lines, the drum fills – everything had a purpose. Nothing was superfluous. Each note had intent. I also wanted to remain current and embrace modern colours, so I have incorporated drum loops and ambient creations.

Wood has played with different genres of music before, exploring bombastic and rather unexpected sounds on “Tall Tales” and heartbreaking symphonies on “The Waiting.” The first single off of “Glory”, a jaunty upbeat pop tune titled “Not Giving Up” should hit Itunes soon. In the meanwhile, you can have a listen HERE.


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