Kris Allen makes it “Out Alive” on new album

In a week that saw the release of much anticipated new music from John Mayer, and a sparkling US debut from Kimbra (hot off the success of her feature on Goyte’s “Somebody that I Used to Know”) Kris Allen’s Thank You Camellia still stands out among the crowd with its fresh musical arrangements and intensely honest lyrics.

Showcasing the growth in his songwriting, “Out Alive” is the album’s best track. With an intro that mimics the opening notes of U2’s “With or Without You,” the song narrates the journey of climbing out of the wreckage of a relationship and finding hope together on the other side. It deftly moves from the pretense of disinterestedness (“honestly I’m better off lonely, promises are just pretend”) to the realization that this is a love he can’t quit, despite their best efforts (“cause I know that it’s not over, no matter how hard we try”). The musical arrangement perfectly mirrors the journey of the song, with vocals and a beat that start off softly and build as the lyrics gain intensity.

Camellia has no shortage of fun, upbeat numbers (“My Weakness” is sure to be a smash summer single) and interesting musical attempts (“Rooftops” doesn’t quite hit the mark it’s aiming for, but the sample of Van Morrison’s “Crazy Love” helps to elevate it). I’ve previously reviewed the striking and unexpected “Monster” here (the studio version doesn’t have quite the same driving beat as the acoustic, but the ending makes up for it) and the fascinating and contradictory “She Loves Me Not.” Other standouts on Camellia are “Leave You Alone,” another song about the struggles of a relationship, with a nearly perfect production that will have you reaching for the the Replay button. “Teach Me How Love Goes” is beautiful in its simplicity, with guitar work reminiscent of early 70’s melody men like Kenny Loggins and John Denver.

If you’re not already sold, check out this recent acoustic performance of the album’s (stunning) final track “You Got A Way,” fall in love, and then go buy the album on iTunes or Amazon.

Track listing:

1. Better With You
2. The Vision Of Love
3. My Weakness
4. Out Alive
5. Monster
6. Blindfolded
7. Teach Me How Love Goes
8. Rooftops
9. Leave You Alone
10. Loves Me Not
11. You Got A Way


7 thoughts on “Kris Allen makes it “Out Alive” on new album

  1. I saw that acoustic You Got A Way the other day and I just keep coming back to it. So beautiful in its simplicity – I hope it finds its way into a movie some day. Thanks for the review of #ThankYouCamellia – bought the album yesterday and love it!

  2. OUT ALIVE is also my number one favorite, followed by Loves Me Not w/ Meiko. Their voices just blend perfectly and compliment each other effortlessly. Also LOVe all the upbeat, pop-py songs Better With You, My Weakness, Rooftops. Best lyrics go to Blindfolded, hands down. “If I was blind-folded, if my memory was erased; If every sign pointed, I’ll still find you, I’ll still find you…!” And, yes, with my eyes closed, I can definitely pinpoint that voice who is no other than Mr Allen himself. #ThankYouCamellia, #ThankYouKRIS.

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