Royal Wood’s “We Were Born to Glory” Lives Up to its Name

2012 has been an unusually good year for new releases from singer-songwriters, and Royal Wood’s latest release, “We Were Born to Glory” affirms that he is among the very best of the genre making music today.

As a follow-up to 2010’s The Waiting  (an often-somber, piano-driven collection of searing ballads), Glory   is like a burst of life. For an indie artist, whose lyrics read like a book of poetry, Wood has an uncanny knack for creating radio-friendly tunes. Glory’s  opening number, the catchy “The Thick of It,” sets the tone for the lively songs to follow. “The Fire Did Go,” about the coldness that comes when passion runs dry (“Like the furnace of the sun, when our bodies fused as one, ‘til the last of the urge was done”) sounds like the early days of Nashville. Masterfully cloaking the most serious of reflections behind bright, jaunty music, “When the Sun Comes Up” will have you singing along (“Cause’ now I feel the plane is crashin’ Turn the lights down, I need to pull the covers up and think it through, I need to join a new collective”). One of the album’s more somber ballads “I’ll Be Gone” is soul searching at its finest (“I hit the ground for illusion’s through, I’m no longer waiting on me and you”). Titular track “The Glory,” with its sparse lyrics and bombastic vocals, is downright gospel in its exuberance. On first listen to the album, it’s easily my favorite.

The music industry is a business, with a focus on profitability, but the real test of a musician isn’t how many records they sell, or how well their songs do on radio. It’s whether they keep making good music.   Wood’s discography, from his 1999 debut The Milkwood EP   to We Were Born to Glory,   is a brilliant musical reflection on the human experience.

Track Listing:

1. The Thick Of It

2. The Fire Did Go

3. Not Giving Up

4. Will We Ever Learn

5. I Want Your Love

6. When The Sun Comes Up

7. I’ll Be Gone

8. Always Will

9. I Need You Now

10. Brand New Life

11. Hard Thing To Find

12. Release Me

13. The Glory

14. Time To Shine

We Were Born To Glory is available on Amazon and Itunes today.


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